Extruder structure


【Summary Description】The extruder is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic part and electrical part.

The extruder is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical part, hydraulic part and electrical part.

The mechanical part consists of the base, prestressed frame type tension column, front cross beam, movable cross beam, X-shaped guided extrusion cylinder seat, extrusion shaft, ingot feeding mechanism, residue separating shear, sliding die seat, etc.

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of master cylinder, side cylinder, locking cylinder, perforated cylinder, large capacity axial piston variable displacement pump, electro-hydraulic ratio servo valve (or electro-hydraulic proportional control valve), position sensor, oil pipe, oil tank and various hydraulic switches.

The electrical part is mainly composed of power supply cabinet, operation console, PLC programmable controller, upper industrial control computer and display screen.

General troubleshooting of packaging machine

The electromagnet does not pull in, which is mostly caused by the internal fault of the host, the burnt electromagnet coil, the line interruption and other reasons. The solution is: first, check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; Secondly, check the fuse tube of the electromagnet to see if there is any sign of electrification of the electromagnet, remove the mechanical jamming, and check the internal power supply when everything is normal; In weighing and packaging machines, the common causes of such failures are sensor damage, bridge supply voltage failure, and incorrect line connection or interruption. The troubleshooting method is to detect the load signal of the sensor and its connection or the host, and detect the bridge supply and amplification circuit or computer output display circuit. Sometimes, the system stability is not good, resulting in unstable bag volume. To solve this problem, you can try to find out whether the line is faulty.


Basic knowledge of packaging machine

Packaging machine is a kind of machine for packaging products, which plays a role of protection and beauty. The packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. assembly line integrated production packaging, 2. product peripheral packaging equipment.


Operating Instructions for Film Applicator

Before starting the machine, check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment and devices are loose, wipe all the parts on the machine with thinner water, and then readjust the glue. It is forbidden to store any sundries on the workbench.


Film applicator concept

The plane type film applicator realizes the labeling and film pasting of the upper plane and upper arc of the workpiece, such as boxes, books, plastic shells, etc. There are two methods of roll pasting and suction pasting, which are mainly selected according to the efficiency, accuracy and bubble requirements. The round bottle type film sticking machine can stick labels or films on the circular surface of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. It can realize the functions of circumferential, semicircular, circumferential double-sided, circumferential positioning and labeling. There are mainly two ways of vertical labeling and horizontal labeling.

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